s360 & Call me: Using the unique targeting options on Snapchat to reach new customers

Call me gets 50K+ 13-second video views and 481K potential lead reach using Story Ads and Commercial Ads on Snapchat

The Challenge

Using the right targeting to reach potential customers and boost reach

Call me wanted to boost reach and engagement among its audience. They saw an opportunity to fully unleash its brand awareness and interactions with its different products among potential customers using Snapchat.


Call me


Mobile subscriptions

13-second video views
Potential lead reach

The Solution

Creating a multi-product Snapchat strategy with unique targeting

To overcome the challenge, s360 incorporates Snapchat, including Story Ads and Commercial Ads, into Call me’s marketing mix. s360 developed a multi–product Snapchat strategy using the unique targeting options that allows Call me to target an audience that actively uses other carriers. This way, we only target “new customers” in the media.

Despite the excellent targeting options on Snapchat, the Story Ads and Commercial Ads also enable Call me to increase brand awareness and generate potential leads using full-screen time of at least six seconds among the users.

"Snapchat's unique targeting capabilities allowed us to target potential new customers. Furthermore, the campaign showed that Snapchat commercials were highly effective in driving brand engagement and swipe ups."
- Mia Amalie Mai Nielsen, Paid Social Media Manager, Call me

The Results

Reaching 1M impressions and 481,000 potential leads using Story Ads and Commercial Ads

Adding Snapchat to Call me’s marketing mix was a great success, resulting in increased reach, impressions and engagement.

The combination of Story Ads and Commercial Ads on Snapchat drove more than 1M impressions, reached more than 481,000 potential leads and generated more than 50,000 13-second video views.

This Snapchat campaign was a head start for Call me to continue working strategically with the social media platform to increase brand awareness. The targeting options on Snapchats enable Call me to reach new potential customers using other carriers and, over time, increase conversions.

This is an officially published case by Snapchat.

The Client

Call me

Call me is a sub-brand of Telia, one of Europe’s biggest telecom operators. Since its establishment in 2009, it has earned a strong reputation for good value and solid ethics.

The brand offers value for money subscriptions with simple products at low prices.




Christian Nørring, Lead, Paid Social, Denmark

[email protected]  


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