s360 & Billig-arbejdstøj.dk: Solid Google Ads strategy enabled international expansion

With s360’s construction and handling of Google Ads setup, Billig-arbejdstøj.dk secured successful expansion to four new markets in three years.

The Challenge

Market maturity giving way for new market expansion

Billig-arbejdstøj.dk has gained a great market share in Denmark, which is why they went looking for a partner with experience in helping e-commerce sites reach more and new markets.





Growth every year

The Solution

Creating a realisable roadmap for Google Ads

In cooperation with Billig-arbejdstøj.dk, s360 created a roadmap for desired and realisable KPIs for the first year. s360 followed best practices and implemented a new strategy and bid strategy for their Google Ads account.

The bid strategy followed clear growth ambitions, and with profitability in mind, both budget, revenue and profit were realised according to the company’s wishes.

The Results

Becoming one of Scandinavia's biggest suppliers of workwear

Billig-arbejdstøj.dk is seeing its fourth consecutive year with a 50% growth in its newly acquired markets. This has made Billig-arbejdstøj.dk one of the biggest distributors of workwear in Scandinavia.

The growth ambitions don’t stop there: Billig-arbejdstøj.dk has launched its site in Germany and intends to enter even more European markets in the following years - with s360 as its partner.

The Client


With its three-digit turnover, Billig-arbejdstøj.dk is one of the biggest suppliers of workwear, shoes and accessories for all industries. Since its inception in 2010, the company has experienced tremendous growth and today manages over 70 employees. 




Mathias Hillerup Larsen, CTO & Partner

[email protected]


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