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How Kilroy took off on an exciting journey with Google Ads

This case shows the results of a thoughtful Google Ads setup based on a strong focus on high-level hygiene, scalability and business strategy.


Kilroy specializes in tailor-made and affordable backpacking trips for young people.


The main goal of the new Google Ads strategy was to lower Killroy’s CPA by 20% or more while increasing the total number of conversions. Kilroy has a large array of products and travel destinations that provides an opportunity to be visible on a wide range of relevant search queries. This requires a thoughtful Google Ads setup highly focused on best-in-class hygiene, bidding, and audience targeting to achieve the scalability needed to reach Kilroy’s business goals while being cost-effective.


s360 finalised the new Google Ads set up in a few weeks. Shortly after, we experienced a significant increase in conversions from non-branded search. During the 11 months our new setup has been active (October 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019) we have made a lift in non-brand conversions of a total 126.4%. As a result of the new Google Ads strategy, we managed to lower CPA by 30.9% (non-brand).


s360 provided Kilroy with full-scale keyword research, uncovering all relevant search behaviour for all Kilroy’s products and travel destinations. The research was grouped into different types of searches and coupled with data on the target audience and Kilroy’s business focus. We were then able to choose the most optimal keywords to utilize.

The next step was to build a new Google Ads account structure that could make Kilroy visible on the keywords found while ensuring high account hygiene. It was extremely important that we achieved a high-Quality Score on our keywords, which would enable us to buy at the most optimal CPC and CPA. In the new Google Ads setup, it was important to leverage all targeting methods to reach the target audience. This involves adjustments to GEO targeting, devices and demographics.


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