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A strong content strategy caused the revenue to rise at Sinatur Hotel & Conference

s360 caused the organic visibility to six-fold with a new content strategy at Sinatur Hotel & Conference.


Sinatur Hotel & Conference is a hotel chain with six hotels in Denmark, all of which are located in the middle of nature and managed based on sustainable principles. Sinatur carries the ‘Organic Food Label’ in silver, and they won the award as ‘Denmarks best hotel chain’ in 2019.


Following a rebranding process in 2019, Sinatur needed help securing their market position. The hotel chain required a content marketing strategy that could draw attention to the website’s current content and adjust it to their new brand identity.

We are so extremely happy with the content strategy developed by s360 and their intense work during the last year. We have exceeded many of the rankings our competitors owned before. Our visibility has never been higher. We are at the top when users are searching for our services, and we can definitely see the results in our business. Overall, we have exceeded our business goals faster than we thought was possible. s360 helped us understand what people are searching for and how we could create amazing content pieces that lead to activity and by the end of the day - a lot more business.

Kari Brandsgård, CEO

Sinatur Hotel & Conference


To create an overview of relevant search behaviour, s360 compiled a complete keyword analysis, an analysis of the competitive situation, and a directory of Sinatur’s Google rankings at the time. Also, s360 created a hierarchy for the specific landing pages, which – along with the keyword analysis – clarified the importance of the landing pages and their content. Subsequently, new and updated content was implemented on the landing pages in close collaboration with Sinatur so that everything matched their new brand identity.


With a limited budget, s360 managed to create a strong content marketing strategy for Sinatur Hotel & Conference, resulting in 27% more pre-booked conferences and an increase in organic visibility by 636%.


Mathias Hillerup Larsen
CTO & Partner
+45 23 27 52 45
[email protected]

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