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s360 & POWER: Increased efficiency with Search Ads 360

POWER reduces manual processes and increases its total revenue by 15% by automating search ads

POWER wants full control of its search setup and reduces the cost of, among other things, managing the platforms themselves. At the same time, POWER intends to use the multiple functions in Search Ads 360 to boost omnichannel sales in the Nordic region in an efficient and scalable way.

Using the “Inventory Management” feature of Search Ads 360, s360 optimizes POWER’s setup to automatically update keywords and ads with prices, stock level, etc. The solution ensures that ads and keywords automatically get created and stopped when new brands, categories and products are added to or removed from the range.

With the new Search Ads 360, POWER saves several hours per week, which previously went to manual actions. These hours enable POWER to focus on ensuring the right strategy to increase omnichannel sales. At the same time, total revenue from online and in-store has risen by 15 percent, while Return on Ad Spend also improved significantly.

POWER is a prominent Nordic electronics giant. POWER has almost 200 stores, physical and online, across Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Mathias Hillerup Larsen, CTO & Partner
Tlf: 23 27 52 45, [email protected]

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