s360 wins an international award for Automation and Profit Bidding solution

s360 wins an award at the prestigious European Search Awards that pay tribute to the best digital marketing agencies within SEO, PPC, and Search in Europe.

May 2022

The European Search Awards 2022 announced all winners on May 26th. Competing against the European agency elite in a field of 498 shortlisted cases, s360 won the category Best Use of Search – B2B (PPC) with its client Lomax for the case: Winning Millions in Annual Profit Through Automation & Profit Bidding. 

“It is in close collaboration with our client Lomax that s360 wins this award in an international competition against the most talented European advertisers and performance marketing agencies. We are proud to get recognized with an award for the Lomax profit maximimaztion. We have been working with our proprietary solution, Profit Bidding, to make a significant difference for a Danish company in a very competitive market.” Says Jakob Vedel, CEO at s360. 

Besides winning the client case award, s360 also won silver for Best Low Budget Campaign (SEO) with HUNTERS’ POINT and Best Use of Search – B2C (SEO) with Yousician. s360 was the most shortlisted agency, including nominations in all three agency categories.

“s360 was the only Danish agency nominated in all three agency categories, Best Large SEO Agency, Best Large PPC Agency and Best Large Integrated Search Agency. Being internationally recognized by the agency industry is a huge accomplishment and achievement for s360. It positions us as a leading authority in the digital performance marketing landscape.

Last year, s360 grew by + 50%, and we continue our expansion outside of Denmark, while we are aware of working together as one s360 company across national borders. Being nominated in all agency categories for the European Search Awards is a recognition that we are on the right track.” Says Jakob Vedel. 

s360 receives 40 nominations and 6 awards during the first-half year of 2022
s360 has started the year off with great industry recognition winning 6 awards and being shortlisted 40 times. The acknowledgement by the industry doesn’t magically happen overnight, but it follows from hard work and continuously adapting to the rapidly changing market demands.    

“When we win awards, it follows from many years of experience, learning, talented employees, sharing best practices, and developing our work together. We truly appreciate that s360 continues to receive recognition. Thanks and congratulations to everyone involved.” Concludes Jakob.

About European Search Awards Winners 2022
The European Search Awards pays tribute to and celebrates the best European agencies and digital specialists who deliver impressive results and create remarkable SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing business results across industries. 

European Search Awards announced the winners of the 2022 Search Awards on May 26th in Barcelona. The winners represent the bold, innovative and data-driven agencies that set new standards for the digital marketing sphere. 

See the list of all winners here. 

s360 was the most shortlisted agency at the European Search Awards 2022
The European Search Awards invites the top digital agencies and specialists across Europe. s360 is the most shortlisted agency with 21 nominations across a variety of categories: 

  • Best Large SEO Agency (Shortlist)
  • Best Large PPC Agency (Shortlist)
  • Best Large Integrated Search Agency (Shortlist)
  • Best Use of Search – Retail / eCommerce (SEO) (Shortlist)
    • s360 & HUNTERS’ POINT
  • Best Use of Search – Retail / eCommerce (PPC) (Shortlist)
    • s360 & Lomax
    • s360 & ToyAcademy
  • Best Use of Search – B2B (SEO) (Shortlist)
    • s360 & Trackunit
  • Best Use of Search – B2B (PPC) (Winner)
    • s360 & Lomax 
  • Best Use of Search – B2C (SEO)  
    • s360 & HUNTERS’ POINT (Shortlist)
    • s360 & Yousician (Silver)
  • Best Use of Search – B2C (PPC) (Shortlist)
    • s360 & Olo-apteekki
    • s360 & Prof-shoppen
    • s360 & ToyAcademy
  • Best Use of Search – Health (Shortlist)
    • s360 & Olo-apteekki
  • Best Low Budget Campaign (SEO) (Silver)
    • s360 & HUNTERS’ POINT 
  • Most Innovative Campaign (PPC) (Shortlist)
    • s360 & Lomax
  • Most Innovative Campaign (SEO) (Shortlist)
    • s360 & Yousician
  • Best SEO Campaign (Shortlist)
    • s360 & Yousician
  • Best PPC Campaign (Shortlist)
    • s360 & Lomax
    • s360 & ToyAcademy
  • Best Use of Content Marketing (Shortlist)
    • s360 & Yousician   

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