s360 attracts talent from Facebook

Christian Uller Rothmann is joining s360 as Head of Paid Social with experience from both Facebook and Google in Ireland and Denmark.

June 2020

Christian is leaving his position as Client Solution Manager at Facebook Copenhagen to join s360, where he will be responsible for the strategic development of s360’s Paid Social offerings along with leading the team of specialists across the four offices in three countries. 

“Lately, we have seen a shift in the type of skills required to drive long-term success with Paid Social. We’re seeing ever-increasing user expectations of creative relevance and quality, whilst each interaction between a user and an organisation is becoming a data point that can be leveraged as a competitive advantage. At the same time, new players such as TikTok are entering the space, further increasing the complexity of the field. As the next generation of experts, I see it as our key responsibility to democratise the potential of Paid Social and ensure that all clients will benefit from the prospects of the explosive growth that these platforms provide. I’m extremely excited to pursue that responsibility at s360.” says Christian and adds: “The mantra at Facebook is, that they are “only 1 % done” – a philosophy I think applies to Paid Social as a whole”. 

Despite the fact that Christian doesn’t come from an agency background, he is not a stranger to s360 nor the industry as a whole:

“I started my career in tech at Facebook HQ in Dublin, helping small and medium-sized companies get the most out of Facebook’s platform. It gave me an incredible respect for the trust that is put in a business’ choice of partners, including which agency they choose to follow them on their growth journey” Christian states and continues: 

“I had the pleasure of working with s360 for the first time back in 2016. I remember being impressed by the way they were always putting their clients’ strategic challenges first. When I made the move to Google and got the chance to work with larger global clients, I was lucky enough to once again interact with s360.  Similar to my first experience, I saw the incredible value that s360’s client-first approach generated for both digital and traditional companies”.

COO at s360, Johan Peen, emphasises that the employment of Christian is something special: 

“We are extremely pleased to welcome such a competent and unique profile. It makes us all very proud, and we are looking forward to the cooperation with Christian, who will get a key role in the partnership with our clients as well as our continuous growth”. 

A warm welcome to Christian from everybody at s360. 

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